Finishers of the Heber Half Marathon, the Heber 5k and the Heber Half Mile All Abilities Run will all earn a 2019 custom Heber Half finisher’s medal!


The Heber Half medals were inspired by the “spectrum” referenced by the autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism is known as a ‘spectrum’ disorder because there is a wide variation in the type and severity of symptoms people experience*. The phrase “on the spectrum” inspired our designers to create a different kind of “spectrum” that everyone could relate to: The spectrum of love.


The first step is awareness of autism—what it is and who it affects. Next is taking time to understand the trials, hopes, and dreams of those on the spectrum and their families. The third step consists of accepting and embracing these individuals and families into our lives and communities. Then, finally there is the ultimate unconditional love which we feel adoration for our loved ones that are affected by autism. Let’s celebrate all their victories throughout life with them.


This year, we are focusing on the ‘Understanding’ aspect of ASD. People’s understanding of individuals with Autism and how to best love and help them, can be expanded as they strive to know more about Autism. By turning the gears in individuals minds’, they can reach a point of better understanding the challenges and triumphs of this disorder. Understanding Autism and its many facets can be greatly beneficial to ASD children, teenagers, and adults alike. This year’s medal reflects the theme – complete with moving gears that double as a fidget toy!


Our sincere hope for the Heber Half is to pave a way for these individuals and their families to feel supported, understood, accepted, and loved. This journey begins with a single step—and whether you’re running the half marathon, 5k, or all abilities half mile… we thank you for taking that step with us!


Learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorder: *