My name is Trenton. My mom is my greatest hero, and I couldn’t do what I do without her.

My name is Mckai. Thanks to Kids On The Move, I’m learning and growing along with my whole family.

My name is Grace. I love to do so many things today that I never knew about when I was small.

My name is Kaiden. My dad and I both like computers, and my mom and I both like to run together.

My name is Sawyer. My mom was told she would never have a child, so I’ve been beating the odds ever since I was born.

My name is Logan. I had a speech delay when I was little, and Kids On The Move helped me out.

My name is Joseph. I’ve been so lucky to find friends and people who support me everywhere I go.

My name is David. I just graduated from high school, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

We couldn’t love Truman more!

My name is Cohen. I may be close to non-verbal, but I have a natural light and joy that I bring to everyone around me.

My name is Justin. My mom and dad are both running the Heber Half to show their support for kids like me.

My name is Kaiden. My mom passed away when I was six, and my aunt is running the Heber Half to honor her and support me.

My name is Rusty. My instructor Kayce worked with me in fifth grade, and now that I’m 40, she’s running the Heber Half in my honor.

My name is Haiden. My mom is coming all the way down from Ogden to run the Heber Half!

My name is Lynnzee. My mom is running the Heber Half 5k this year. I’m calling it the race for me!

dante puzzle pic-01

My name is Dante. I am three years old and my mom is running in support of me!