Grace is the youngest child in a family of 6. At 18 months old, she was found to be on the autism spectrum. From there, she was enrolled in ABA therapy to help her development as she grew up. Grace was exposed to as many things as possible that other children enjoyed and engaged in without any difficulties.


There were trips to Lagoon, riding in the stroller as her mom ran and pushed her on the sidewalks, going to the Aquarium and the Zoo, feeding the ducks and geese at Oquirrh Lake, engaging other children on the playground, fireworks, camping trips, special needs cheer, the library, drive-in movies, playdates with friends, and parties to interact with other children and adults. Through it all, her older siblings have stayed an active and engaged part of Grace’s therapy: everyone took time to enter Grace’s world, and everyone came over for weekly family dinners to check on the family’s favorite member, Grace.


Over the last six years of intense therapy, Grace has attempted and enjoys flying a kite, playing baseball and basketball, ice skating, riding her bike, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, rock climbing, roller coaster rides, river rafting, indoor hockey, reading books, singing songs, playing Super Heroes, miniature golf, sledding, dancing, and being with her friends and family. She wants to learn to play the guitar, and to learn to fly an airplane. To see her share her world with everyone she meets and to know she is no longer trapped and locked away in her world fills her family with immense joy.